Posted by: montrealfieldnaturalists | May 11, 2012

Outing to Bois …

Outing to Bois de Liesse,   Saturday, May 5th

Beautiful sunny, though cool spring day with about 18 participants.  The woods were full of spring flowers & everyone was soon engrossed in identifying the various species.

There was a carpet of white trillium greeting us + some of the earlier-blooming  red  trillium flowers.  Large numbers of trout lilies were opening out  as well as large-flowered Bellwort, many Wild ginger plants in flower, Spring beauty, Hepatica, Blue Cohosh, Purple violet, Yellow violet,  Red baneberry, some early Jack-in-the-pulpit, Kidneyleaf buttercup (Gretchen’s excellent ID in the field) and  Miterwort (the spike of white flowers).  There were many Bloodroot leaves and some flowers, Horsetail, Coltsfoot, Wild garlic and  some delicate, red curly fiddleheads that we think was Maidenhead fern. 

Birds seen & heard were: Osprey, Red-shouldered hawk, Bluejay, Downy Woodpecker, Cardinal, Robin, Starling, Turkey vulture, Chickadee, White-throated sparrow, Song sparrow, Chipping sparrow, several pairs of Wood duck, Mallard, Nashville warbler, Crow.

 After lunch  and relaxing in the sun, the group dispersed for home.

 –  Audrey Speck


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