2016 – July to Dec.

July 9th  –  Hike to the summit of Mount Pinnacle

July 23rd – 24th  –  Week-end in Vermont canoing and hiking

Aug. 6th  –  Hiking in Parc des Montagnards and Parc Ecologique Jean-Paul Forand

Aug. 20th  –  Hike in Mont Tremblant Park

Sept. 3rd – 5th  –  Canoe week-end in Parc de la Mauricie

Sept. 10th  –  Annual pot luck picnic in Angrignon Park

Sept. 17th  –  Visit to the Mer Bleue Bog, Ontario

Sept. 28th  –  “Strange and Wonderful Things in Nature” by Raymond Murphy, at the chapel of the Anglican Diocese

Oct. 1 to 3rd  –  Hiking week-end in the Adirondacks

Oct. 15th  –  Hike in Oka Park

Oct. 27th  –  “Pandora’s ballast tank: How invasive species are changing the St. Lawrence River” by Prof. Anthony Ricciardi

Oct. 29th  –  Hike at Far Hills

Nov. 12th  –  Hike at Mont Ste-Hilaire

Nov. 24th – “Canadian Explorer and Geologist A.P.Low” by Max Finkelstein

Nov. 26th  –  Hike around the waterfront of Hudson

Dec. 3rd  –  Walk in the Michel-Chartrand Park, Longueuil

Dec. 14th  –  Holiday Restaurant Outing to Kalimera

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